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trivigno basilicata Come raggiungerci Il Gelso bed and breakfast
NEI DINTORNI - Punti di interesse nel raggio di 50 km con percorso stradale.
Bed and Breakfast Il Gelso - Trivigno - Provincia di Potenza - Basilicata
Tel. 340 6665968 - Mail
Volo Dell'Angelo: A unique experience with the ultimate adrenaline rush. A real flight suspended by a harness attached to a steel cable that joins the  mountain tops of two villages reaching speeds of 120 km/h.  The only one in Italy!
Parco della Grancia with its gorgeous play: La Storia Bandita
Parco di Gallipoli Cognato is a place where one can have a variety experiences such as hiking, guided tours, excursions and trips to discover nature and the historical sites within the park. You can also do orienteering, bouldering, and the spectacular flight called Il Volo dell'Angelo.